THE STORY OF LIFE - as told through God's control over nature by using the Hawaiian islands as a canvas

Posted by Vraja

    This drawing of the Hawaiian islands uses the place names along with the myths and stories behind them to tell a meta story, showing us God's control over nature and human inspiration -- click images for full size

    These are exact maps of the Island chain, from north to south they tell the story of human procreation.

    Kauai -- Has the distinct shape of a man's head with a mustache above an open mouth

    Oahu -- Has the distinct shape of a penis

    Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe form an erect penis with testicles -- pointing at Maui, which has the distinct shape of a woman.

    Hawaii, The Big Island -- Has the shape of a pregnant woman giving birth (through the most active volcano in the world)

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